Thursday, October 14, 2010


Advantage of strategic location of India in the indian ocean
1. India’s long coastline of over 7000 Km gives it a large exclusive economic zone rich in oil,gas and mineral resources
2. India’s strategic location in indian ocean enables it to oversee security over a wide area. This makes india a necessity for many a regional groupings like ASEAN, SAARC etc. Many nations collaborate with indian navy in conducting anti piracy operation
3. India’ position in the indian ocean overlooking key international transport routes giving india leverage in various summits
4. India’s coastal zone being within the tropics gives it a rich bio diversity making them rich spots for eco tourism
5. It gives india sites for all weather ports and hence helps in boosting India’s overseas trade
6. The long coastline benefits us by providing space for coastal shipping which is a cheaper mode of transport for certain goods and has a key role to play in case of emergencies
7. The coastlines provide sites for tapping oceano thermal, tidal, wave and other non conventional energies