Sunday, September 15, 2013

Green policies of India

      • National Clean Energy Fund
      • Compensatory Afforestation Fund.
      • National Environmental Policy, 2006
        • articulates that only such development is sustainable which respects ecological constraints and the imperatives of social justice
      • National Agricultural Policy
        •  focuses on sustainable development of agriculture by promoting technically sound and economically viable, environmentally non-degrading, and socially acceptable uses of the country’s natural resources
      • National Electricity Policy
        •  underscores the use of renewable sources of energy
      • National Action Plan on Climate Change
        • provides a clear strategy for addressing the challenges posed by climate change
      • voluntary domestic commitment to reduce, by the year 2020, the emissions intensity of our GDP by 20-25 percent as compared to 2005 levels
      • Emissions Trading Schemes
        • to reduce the level of ambient air pollution near major industrial clusters
      • “greening” rural development
        • regenerate and conserve the natural resource base
        • use clean materials, technologies and processes to create environment friendly products
        • strengthen the climate resilience of the rural poor

Friday, September 13, 2013

National Cyber security policy

Topic: Basics of cyber security[Paper III]
National cyber security policy
  secure cyber ecosystem in india and thereby enhance IT adoption in various sectors
  enhance global cooperation on cyber security issues
  protect stored information
  strengthen regulatory framework
  enhance intelligence gathering capabilities with regard to threats to ICT infrastructure
  enhance protection of critical information infrastructure
  develop indigenous security technologies
  create workforce of 5 lakh professionals in cyber security in 5 years
  encourage private businesses to adopt standard security practices
  appropriate legislative intervention to tackle cyber crime

Thursday, September 5, 2013