Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ethics in administration

This is a mindmap based on Administrative ethics report by 2nd Administrative reforms commission

It is useful for public administration and GS paper IV

 photo ARCethics_zps04a5d09f.jpeg

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tech terms

  1. Web related
  • DoS

    (Denial of Service) A type of attack on (usually) an internet service, which aims to prevent the service from operating properly, often by bombarding it with more information than it can process. Not to be confused with DOS or Disk Operating System.
  • Flame/TrollInternet slang; to flame someone means to insult or put down someone, usually on a web-based platform (YouTube, blog or Facebook comment, forums, chat rooms etc). A troll is similar, but usually refers to general internet behaviour that is intentionally mean and/or abusive.
  • HTML5

    The 5th revision of the HTML (hyper text markup language) standard, a core technology on which the World Wide Web is based. HTML5 is easier for developers, more accessible to multiple types of device and easily incorporates audio/video.

  • Trojan

    Software similar to a virus which could be disguised as something useful, like PC game or mobile app. If launched, it could steal user information or sabotages the device on which it is running.

  1. Photography

  • EXIF

    EXIF or Exchangeable image file format is the format in which a digital camera stores image information like shutter speed, exposure, ISO, date, time & camera model. It can easily be read in the image propertie
  • DoF

    Dof or Depth of Field describes the range of focused area in an image. A shallow DoF means that the foreground or subject is in sharp focus while the background is out of focus.

  1. Smart phones

  • Qi Charging

    Qi (pronounced Chee) is an inductive charging standard developed to transfer electrical power over a maximum distance of 4cm. It uses the theory of electromagnetic induction to charge a mobile device with a special receiver, when placed on top of a Qi charging mat.
  • MHL

    Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) is a connection standard developed by a consortium of companies (Sony, Samsung, Nokia & Toshiba). A single 5-pin MHL port (which also looks and works like micro USB) can offer USB host support, carry highspeed data, 1080p HD video and 7.1 channel audio.
  • PPI

    The pixel density of a screen is denoted with PPI (pixels per inch) - it is calculated as diagonal resolution of a display (in pixels) by the diagonal size of the screen. The higher the PPI, the sharper the screen. However, beyond a point, this ceases to matter as the human won't be able to distinguish the added sharpness.
  • Rooting or Jailbreaking

    Rooting means to gain root access to your Android device. This allows you to remove limitations, change the software code and run disallowed apps among others. Jailbreaking is the equivalent term for Apple products.

  1. Computers

  • mAh

    Milli Amp Hour (mAh) is an easy way to determine the capacity of a battery — higher the number, the longer it should last. However, the battery life of a device also depends on how much power it draws in the first place.
  • Big Data

    This is a term used to describe a large volume of structured or unstructured data (usually for enterprises) that cannot be analyzed using the usual database and software tools/techniques
  • SSD vs. HDD

    SSD or Solid State Drive is a type of data storage device that uses flash memory while HDD or Hard Disk Drive is a conventional (and older) type of hard drive with magnetic spinning platters.

    SSDs are faster to read & write data, have no moving parts (hence are not susceptible to shock), are usually more energy efficient and can be much smaller, which is important in the new wave of ultra-compact and efficient laptops. HDDs offer much more storage for the same price as compared to SSDs and hence, are still the preferred choice when it comes to most users

  • SoC

    System on a chip (SoC) usually refers to an integrated circuit that combines CPU & GPU on a single chip. It enables a smaller form factor for devices & better battery life compared to multi-chip devices.

  • USB SS

    Usually visible near the USB ports on newer computers, USB SS is short for USB Super Speed, also known as USB 3.0. USB 3.0 lets you transfer data roughly 10 times faster than USB 2.0