Friday, November 11, 2011

Irreversible climate change in five years

·         Lock in effect: anything built now which produces carbin will continue to do so for decades to come and this will lead to ireversible climate change
·         To keep climate change below 2 degree celsius, need to keep carbon emission levels below 450 ppm
o   Currently 390 ppm
·         At current levels of emission, will hit 450 by 2017
·         Abandonment of nuclear power will lead to more reliance on fossil fuels leading to further emissions
·         China expected to overtake EU wrt cumulative emissions(since 1900) by 2035
o   Hence both developed and developing countries need to take steps
o   Developed countries must agree to a time bound action plan
·         World energy outlook
o   Annual publication
o   Provides information on global energy consumption trends
·         Way ahead
o   Despite, recession, emission incrsd 5% in 2010
o   1.3 bn lack access to electricity in world
o   Need to work on affordable renewable energy sources

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