Saturday, December 17, 2011

quotes for essays on polity topics

         ·         It is the scared responsibility of every citizen, judge and lawyer to the country, that the luster of judicial   portals is not diminished, its pious reputation not tarnished and that judiciary as the bulwark of freedom grows from strength to strength
         ·         Obstruction, opposition and cooperation are all legitimate parliamentary previleges- Arun Jaitley
         ·         Constitution of india provides ample scope to accommodate any legitimate demand through dialogue, civil discourse and peaceful negotiations-Manmohan singh
         ·         Democracy means the need to explain, the need to justify, the need to convince,
the need to get people on board, the need to compromise.-Jairam ramesh
         ·         Parliament is aorta of authority through which the sustaining blood of government flows.
         ·         Parliament is an assembly of humans. It must have human virtues, vices and failures
  •  Courts are transforming from being arbitrators of disputes into insititutions of governance

        ·      Constitution is an organic document that operates not in isolation, but in tune with live realities of people

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