Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fighting piracy on dry land

·         navies of 30 nations operate in indian ocean to protect merchanidse shipments from piracy
·         yet pirates managed to attack 237 times in 2011 against 219 in 2010
·         over 150 sailors are still captive with 10 ships
·         root cause of piracy is the failed state
·         somalia ahs remained without a real government since 1991
·         the transition government supported by west has contorl only on mogadishu
·         fall of somalia state had detrimental impact on somalian coast of puntland
·         foreign trawlers enetered puntland fishing grounds and destroyed their traditional source of income
·         the puntland fisherman had no funds to upgrade nor market access
·         this forced several young men to take to piracy
·         piracy kicked off in 2005
·         now it earns close to 200 mn $ a year
·         piracy is costing world 7-12 bn $ a year
·         most of governments have agreed to provide armed guards on the ships to protect from pirates
·         but no amount of armed intervention will help curb piracy
way ahead
·         most of piracy money is spent in buying houses, cars etc
·         hence international development intervention can help cut off the incentive to take to piracy
·         this requries great courage to operate in the dangerous region

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