Monday, October 10, 2011

Rôle of militairy in international relations-key points f

Even minor actions by military hv foreign policy consequences. Military is therefore both imp adjunct & component of diplomacy

To fight & conquer in battles is not supreme excellence; it consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting

When military is in power 4 extended period, it behaves as politicians do, with its primary purpose changing to staying in power

With tribal raiders sent by Pak to Kashmir in Oct 1947 Gandhiji said it was right 4 govt 2 save city by rushing troops 2 Srinagar

 International law remains underdeveloped, intll governance is non-existent or weak & inttl society is fundamentally anarchic

V r in a world whr geopoliticl centr of gravty is shiftn 2 Asia. In Asia itself, sevral stratgic rivalres contribute 2 uncertanty

There is an Indian way, an Indian view and an Indian practice in the use and role of force

India has never retained territory taken by force in wars she has fought. Evn som Indian territory taken back frm Pak was retrned

India has never sent troops abroad except 4 UNPKO or at express request of the legitimate government of the country concerned.

India's defence budget has only exceeded 3% of GDP in one year of the last sixty-three

In Indian tradition use of force is legitimate in certain circumstances, to obtain justice, when all other means are exhausted

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