Sunday, January 8, 2012

FM speech at 9th PBD

  • Today India has begun playing a global role
  • year 2011 marks two decades on the path of economic liberalisation
  • India is viewed as belonging to the group of the fastest growing nations of the world
  • colonial era we had witnessed the migration of large numbers of our fellow Indians
  •  in the post-colonial era the trend turned to a movement towards the industrialised nations
  • movement of the diaspora is no longer unidirectional as it was in the past. What started as a brain drain, has now become a brain gain, not just for India but the world as a whole
    1. it has brought in many global best practices into the Indian economy
    2. contributed significantly to India’s ‘soft power’ and global image
    3. contributed to its attractiveness as an investment destination.
  • much still remains to be done
  • that of investment and entrepreneurship.
  • , in China a large chunk of foreign direct investment has come from overseas Chinese.
  • 9th of January, marks the return of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa to India
  • there is need to engage in social enterprises in a proactive manne
  • improve the access of the poor and the vulnerable to vital public services
  • This requires not just financial contributions, but rather dedication of time, ideas and endeavour.
  • Our overseas Indian family with its multifaceted talents, excellent capacity for adapting to and ability to operate within different cultures and environments should make a concerted effort to connect with India’s growth and its prosperity in the times to come.

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