Monday, February 25, 2013

Should intelligence agencies be made accountable to legislature?

  • intelligence agencies were effectively brought under parliamentary oversight in many democratic countries, improving their efficiency and accountability
  • lack of a legal basis in India is in fact impacting on the functions of the agencies
  • objective of his bill is to introduce a legislative and regulatory framework for the Intelligence Bureau, Research and Analysis Wing and the National Technical Research Organization

Salient features of private member bill
  • National Intelligence Tribunal for the investigation of complaints against these agencies
  • National Intelligence and Security Oversight Committee for an effective oversight mechanism of these agencies
  • intelligence ombudsman for efficient functioning of the agencies


  • all efforts should be to strengthen the government, as the country is facing security threats from different players and countries
  • parliamentary oversight should not become a hurdle for the intelligence agencies to carry out their activities effectively, because intelligence agencies are bodies which help the government to achieve its goals
  • intelligence agencies, if they end up in regular interactions with the members of Parliament, there exists a possibility of the executive power being weakened in matters of vital security
  • yardstick for introducing oversight mechanisms for intelligence agencies should be how it would help India in tackling the threat of terrorism in a more effective and efficient manner.

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  1. good post. I would appreciate if you could have put more light on the current operations of our intelligence which is primarily snooping on rival politicans rather than collecting external and internal intelligence. Also I pray and hope you are no longer a congie. :P