Sunday, September 4, 2011

5 steps to tackle corruption

  • What we need is some action — concrete, tangible action — which will create a sound framework for drastically reducing corruption in governance.
  • first step is the creation of a set of laws.
    1. enacting the law is no panacea. But that is where we begin.
STEPS to be taken
  • 1. implement Benami Transaction act
  • 2. act on Corrupt Public Servants
  • 3. Whistle-Blower Protection act
  • 4. amend Representation of the People Act by declaring that any candidate who has been convicted in a court of law even for less than two years or against whom criminal charges have been framed in a court cannot contest elections till he is fully cleared and acquitted.
    1. presence of criminals in parliament goed directly against the principle of the “integrity of the institution” of Parliament/Legislature as a lawmaking body for good governance.
    2. this will in one stroke ensure that criminalisation of politics is effectively checked.
  • 5. in cases of corruption there will be a six-month limit for conducting the original case at the end of which a decision must be given. There will be only one appeal allowed and the appellate court also must decide the case in six months. This will drastically cut down delay in corruption cases.

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