Wednesday, September 28, 2011

valuing bio diversity

·         Nagoya protocol aims at promoting fair and equitable share of benefits arising out of use of genetic resources
·         It is also applicable on traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources
·         To implemnt protocol countries need an effective biodiversity protection act
·         India has an act which regulates the access to genetic resources
·         But still lot needs to be done wrt
o   Documentation of traditional knowledge
o   Invovlement of locals as stakeholders
·         In globalised era, governments are flooded with request for transfer of genetic resources
·         India needs to focus ons trengthening law to
o   Protect rigts of farmers and taditional communities over natural resources
o   Avoid restrictive patents on agriculture
o   Prevent on sided commercial exploitation of genetic resources
India as a host of bio diversity summit 2012 must persuade all industrialised countries  to rattify nagoya protocol and make it an effective tool to conserve biodiversity

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