Friday, September 16, 2011

Funding healthcare

·         In 1946 Bhore committee recommended for building a public funded allopathic health system for entire population
o   But none of governments so far bothered to implement it
·         As a result today’s indians spend the highest out of pocket on health than anywhere in world
·         Planning commission now is targeting universal health insurance in 12th plan
·         It plans to provide subsidised pvt health insurance
·         assymetry of information between hospitals and patients and lack of patient empowerment
·         unregulated costs and quality of care
·         before universlaising target the vulnerables ie aged, women , children
·         expand NRHM and launch urban health schemes
·         strengthen public health infra
·         regulate pvt health care
o   US passed affordable health care act in 2010 to curb unreasonable high prices
·         Encourage non profit sector in health care
·         Increase expenditure to 2.5% of GDP by end of 12th plan
·         Implement cess to build health fund

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