Monday, July 25, 2011

bangladesh salutes indira gandhi

·         Anti pakistan sentiment in bangladesh surfaced soon after partition in 1947
·         Bengal and pakistan differed over social, cultural and political issues
·         Ata time when langauage based nationality was brewing in east pak , jinnah announced that urdu would be official language for entire pakistan
·         Pakistan had its first ever general elecion in 1970 in which mujibur rehman of awami league won it
·         But west pakistan leaders like zulfikar ali bhutto were not ready to hand over power to mujibur rehman and instead ordered west pakistan army to attack east pakistan leading to a full scale war(US supported pakistan , Russia supported india’s cause for independent bangladesh)
·         Indira gandhi travelled across world to mobilise support for bangladesh independence at a time when US was formly against the idea
·         The awarding of highest honour to indira gandhi marks a step to let posterity remember the foreign friends who helped bangladesh when it was in distress

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