Thursday, July 21, 2011

Indian art of faking security

·         In 2008, crime and criminal tracking network system was setup for facilitating sharing of information between police stations
o   It is still in designing phase
·         National counter terror center was supposed to eb setup by 2010 to design and implement a security strategy
o   It is caught up in the famous indian red tape
·         In 2009, home minister announced NATGRID a system which allowed investigators to monitor 21 sets of government existing databases.
o   Cabinet gave in principle approval for it in june 2011
·         71 of 73 promised coastal police stations have been setup
·         Police people ratio has improved form 128 per lakh in 2008 to 162 now inching towards the international norm of 250
·         We lack intelligence and operational skills
·         After 26/11 India got high tech gadgets and weaponry but most of thema re in disuse as forces lack knowledge to use them
·         MHA handles issues form geo strategic to counter insurgency
·         We need a dedicated ministry for internal security
·         Committees formed for drafting national security strategies should include experts and young officers with hands one xperience on hot issues like terror , naxalism etc

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