Saturday, July 30, 2011

Russia-US space cooperation

•    With end of US space shuttle progra, soyuz is now the only way to reach international space station
•    Soyuz is a smaller shuttle and can carry only3 tonnes of cargo
•    Unlike space shuttle soyuz is not reusable
•    However building of soyuz is more econoical and its far more safer than space shuttle
•    Russia itself built its own space shuttle Buran which had a capacity to carry 100 tonne cargo and had high tech safety features
•    It was the first fully resusable craft
•    But it was abondoned following disintegration of USSR for want of funds
•    Following end of cold war, space rivalry between US, RUS gave way to coooperation which was reflected in building of international space station
•    However lack of trust has prevented the from working together on next gen spaceships
•    Pooling of russian and US resources can help build new gen spadce shuttles faster and at a lesser cost
•    Currently both are working indepednetly on space shuttles and inter planetary missions
•    Obama’s national space policy called for international cooperation. But US has made global missile shield plan a part of its space program which russia sees as a threat to its security and is likely to hamper cooperation India development of new space hardware

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