Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finding a solution for afghanistan

·         The best solution is to put in place a stable and nuetral afghanistan
·         200 years ago at congress of vienna a pact was reached among regional powers that led to establishment of benelux(belgium, netherlands, luxemburg) as a free zone
·         If a similar solution needs to be arrived at in afghanistan, there is a need for cooperation aong its neighbours mainly India, iran, pakistan
·         Hillary in India called upon India to participate in a dialogue with US, pakistan and afghanistan on arriving at solution on afghan

·         A political solution is being worked out where the taliban are being wooed to renounce violence, break ranks with al-quaeda and respect the afghan consitution (red lines)
·         @ bonn conference 2001, afghan clearly called upon UN to  take measures to guarantee sovereignty, integrity and unity of afghan as welll as non interference in afghans internal affairs
·         US has shown signs of agreeing to a nuetral solution arrivied at through a regional approach
·         It has even shown interest in involving iran in afghan peace dialogue
·         India has so far not played any meaning full diplomatic rôle in region
·         We have remained satisfied with building roads and infrastructure but left the futures of afghans at hands of americans and pakistanis to decide
·         India has been reluctant to enter the diplomatic arena vis-avis afghan since it doesn’t want to hurt pakistan which has firmly held to aviewpoint that India shouldn’t involve in afghan dialogue as it fears India will make afghan a proxy to attack pakistan
·         We need to work with iran on afghan as we share common concerns on afghan
·         We must urge UN to fulfill the demands ade by afghan at bonn conference
·         We must gather support from saudi, russia, China  and other nations for the regional dialogue

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