Monday, July 18, 2011

Long road ahead

·         Launched 1st rocket rohini on SLV 3 31 years ago
·         Since then there hare been 32 launches
·         PSLV ahs made 18 succesfully launched out of 19
·         GSLV has made 4 succesfull launches out of 7
·         PSLV C17 for first time launched a communication satellite. Howveer it has carried chandrayaan and  kalpana 1 on similar missions before
·         GSLV is more powerful than PSLV and can carry more load
·         In case communications atellites size matters. Larger it is, more communication capacity it can handle and hence more economical
·         It is now possible in world to launch 6 tonne classs satellites
·         India’s GSLV can carry only abt 3 tonne
·         GSLV mark III can carry 4 tonne
·         India has started working on semi cryogenic engine comrpising liquid oxygen and kerosene which more powerful than cryogenic engine

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