Monday, August 22, 2011

AMbedkar's ways and anna's ways

·         Ambedkar warned of 3 possible dangers to indian dmeocracy
o   Hero worship
o   Social and economic inequalities
o   Use of unconcsitutional methods
·         Hero worship
o   Indians have tendency to lay down their liberties at feet of great men and trust them with powers to subvert their institutions
·         Inequalities
o   For political democracy to succeed , sociala nd economic inequalities must be reduced
·         Use of unconstitutional methods
o   People must abandon coercive and violent methds to bring abt hcnage
·         Ambedkar himslef used peaceful mass movements and legal instruments to bring about change like temple entry In kalaram and access to wells in mahad
·         Indian consttn provides ample opportunities for advocacy through discussion with MPs, standing committees etc
·         Civil society has played important roles in drafting RTI, RTE, forest rights act and proposed food sec bill
·         Hence civil society must to consituttional emthods and reinforce people’s confidence in them
·         Our democracy still works within frakme work of uindemocratic relations based on caste
·         Corruption and unotuchability are embeded into social fabric of our society
To bring about change there needs to moral regeneration

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