Thursday, August 18, 2011

Important features of national mineral policy 2008


Seamless and transparent grant of mineral concessions and Security of tenure to a holder of a
Arm’slength distances between State agencies that mine and those that regulate.
Preference to value addition industry in grant of mineral concession.
Development of a proper inventory of resources and reserves - priority to a mining tenement registry and
a mineral atlas.
Strengthening of Geological Survey of India, the Indian Bureau of Mines and the state Directorates of
Mining & Geology, with manpower, equipment and skill sets up graded to state of the art.
Development of framework of sustainable development to take care of biodiversity issues.
Special care to protect the interest of host and indigenous (tribal) population through developing models
of stakeholder interest based on international best practice.
Assistance to State Governments to overcome the problem of illegal mining through operational and
financial linkages with the Indian Bureau of Mines.
Development of a comprehensive institutional framework for R&D and training.
Development of capital market structures to attract risk investment into survey and prospecting

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