Saturday, August 20, 2011

will russia turn saviour for iran

20th aug, Hindu Op ed
·         Russia making efforts to revive talks(p5+germany) on irans nuclear program
·         Lavrov plan Calls for a step by step approach to resolve nuclear problem
·         Iran should be rewarded for every step it makes to clarify questions about its nuclear program
·         US and its allies have called for stopping of enrichment by iran which russia doesn’t support
·         Last year russia supported UN sanction on russia and stalled its S 300 missile sale to iran
·         Both share common views on afghan , west asia and north africa
·          US is committed to dual track of pressure and engagement
·         The recent attacks on libya and mounting pressure on libya has escelated threats against iran
·         Russia is aiming to avoid any large scale war in west asia and improv ties with iran
·         However there is no hopes of immediate breakthrough as bost sides have stuck to their stance
o   Western antions expect rian to stop its enrichment while iran expects the west to cancel all sanctions and recognise its right to enrichemnt of uranium

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