Friday, August 5, 2011

appointment of secretaries and higher officials in government

  • CVC post has been made a mere post for accommodating superannuated  civil servants
  • Pre hawala days CBI director was changed frequently
  • With 1997 Supreme Court direction , CBI director tenure has been fixed at 2 years
  • The officers for above the joint secretary level are selected by a panel which is supposed to choose officers with ability and integrity
  • The panel  comprises of secretaries and cabinet secretary
  • The panel list out 3 names for every post which is forwarded to Appointments committee of cabinet
  • ACC includes PM and ministers concerned
  • The list is arranged merit wise but ACC is not ibliged to go by merit list
  • Most cases the names are leaked. This elads to lobbying and mudslinging
  • When finally an officer is chosen he is made to feel obliged for the favour done to him by the executive
  • This undermines the morale of civil servants

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