Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No to death penalty

18th aug 2011 Hindu editorial

·         universal declaration of human rights art 5 calls for ending death penalities
·         why stop?
o   It doesn’t deter crime
o   There is more possibility of someone being punished wrongly and irrevocably
o   No humane method available to execute people
·         Why should it remain?
o   It is only way to provide justice to people affected by heinous crimes
·         Current status
o   UN has passed 3 resolutions so far claling for ending the inhumane practice
o   India, US, China  others continue this rpactice
o   96 countries have abolished it and 34 have put a moratorium
o   India alst executed in 2004. But last eyar courts gave 105 death sentences
·         Conclusion
o   There is no scope for eye for an eye in modern criminal justice system
o   Instead lifetime imprisonment could serve the purpose

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