Monday, August 29, 2011

Libyan situation poses challenge to asian giants

·         BRICSA opposed the imposition of no fly zone
·         Now they are trying to improve ties with rebel transitional national council as quadafi regime is now allset to end
·         However the rebels have agreed to inviting these countries for the friends of libya conference in paris
·         Foreign asssitance is crucial for TNC to enforce law and order, build institutions , provide basic services etc
·         Though India has limited interests in libya, its companies will be a t a disadvantage in competting for contracts in post revolution libya as they risk negative perception in entire region
·         MENA is curcial coz of its geogrpahy, energy and financial resources
·         India with a mosaic of ethnic and religious groups cohabiting , it can advice libya on how to hold together a nation facing constant threat of sectarian and tribal strife
·         Quahdafi ensured that no instituion developed , TNC now needs to build a more open transparent society
·         India needs to develop a midterm strategy for the region to enable it to capitalise on the political and economic opportunities

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