Tuesday, August 16, 2011

why west is losing its step in arab spring?

  • western powers interference has yielded little success
  • now battle lines are being drawn for syria with US now calling for removal of Assad
  • different interventions
    • direct in libya
    • envoys in egypt
    • mild rebukes in saudi and bahrain
  • tunisia
    • main control now with army
    • elections postpones fmr jul to oct 2011
  • egypt
    • fought for
      • end of militairy rule
      • end of tight control on intelligence agency
      • political reforms
    • many of rulers loyalists still in army postns
    • army tight control
    • religious conservatives have sidelined liberals
  • libya
    • 5 months of bombing and yet no results
    • pushed into civil war
  • key issue
    • world thought cause was democracy
      • reality is shia-sunni
      • tribal rivalry
      • separatist movts
    • demonstrations by thousands of people doesnt necessarily create +ve chng
      • btwn 1970-2000: 100 countries protests for dcrcy; only 20 achvd
      • 43% countries that defeated dictator ended up in civil wars
  • conclusion
    • UNSC must look into the history and take action accordingly

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  1. this editorial is really useful...easy to understand and in precise form...good job, thank you so much