Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Turkey's reset

·         in its history, it has seen 4 militairy coups and civilian rule dominated by militairy
·         now things are changing
·         under PM Erdogan(serving 3rd term as PM), turkey has achieved high economic growth
·         He has curtailed the power of militairy
·         Turkey has formulated a foreign policy that seeks to
o   Remain independent of its western allies
o   Join EU
o   Engage with its west asian neighbours
·         Turkeys democratic credentials are held ina we in arab world where it enjoys friendly ties

·         Erdogan’s party justice and development party(AKP) has its roots in political islam
·         There is fear that erdogan may take coutnry away from kremalist secularism as define in its 1982 constitution
·         This issue ahs polarised its society
·         Government now plans to frame a new consitution
o   It needs to ensure that in this process it heals the divisions in society and delivers an inclusive, democratic and liberal constitution

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